PREMIUM FLIGHT “Thermal hunter PLUS”

Are you looking for adrenaline or for a longer flight?

If it’s some serious thrills you’re after, then this is the activity for you!

The first part of the Premium tandem flight is just like the regular tandem flight. Then, depending on what you would like to do:

  • we will try out some acrobatic stunts in complete safety
  • or we will extend the flight for nearly 10 minutes

The acceleration of the acrobatic manoeuvres can reach up to 3g, making you feel 3 times your body weight! This flight is ideal for thrill seekers who can never get their fill of roller coasters.

Come and discover tandem paragliding in Gruyère in a magnificent setting, facing the majestic Gruyère castle.

We also offer flights for groups. Special price for groups of 5 or more : 195 CHF per person.

May to Oct. | from 6 years old | flight duration depending the choice

220 CHF